"Fantastic, almost ‘wildcamping’ experience with my 7 year old son. The owners are lovely and very friendly, informative about the location and caring about your needs. Toilet facilities are nice and clean, very little noise from other campers in the woods. We will definitely be back."
Rob Maguire, May 2023
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Woodland Camping

Based in Oakworth, West Yorkshire, our 10 acre woodland is ready to welcome you for camping and a range of experiences from wild yoga, hammock camping, forest schools and more. 

Our mission is to help people enjoy time in nature whilst having an understanding of the impact humans have on this environment and making the effect of our presence positive.

To ensure that you can experience the forest at its best, our woodland is kept as wild as possible.   This will allow us to preserve the precious ecosystem for future generations.  There are benefits to people about this approach too, spending time in woodland environments in particular, is proven to boost mental wellbeing.

Therefore, we have designed our site to have the minimum impact on the natural environment as possible. For example, our “Do no harm, leave no trace” ethos, low density camping and creating a dedicated wildlife area all help to minimise and counter-balance the human presence on site. Other features to help reduce the impact include our carpark, which is confined to the entrance area to the woodland and we have left the paths and trails as wild and bumpy as nature has determined they should be. We have a lovely wooden toilet block with flushing loos and handbasins to ensure that any experience in the woods remains a dignified one. Walking through our 10 acres takes a good few minutes through mixed woodland terrain, so boots and wellies are recommended.  

For details about camping, see our About Camping page, or about our other experiences, and for anything else please contact us.

Campsite of the Year Winner 2023

We’re really proud to have received the Campsite of the Year award in the Prestige small business awards for Yorkshire 2023!


Here’s Duncan and Emma collecting the trophy!

We Love Hammock Camping

We think hammock camping is awesome. Hammocks provide an amazing nights’ sleep and they are much better for the natural environment than tent camping as they don’t squash the ground flora.

Having the right gear, that is properly set up, and knowing how to lie in a hammock are the secrets for the best nights’ sleep outdoors you’ve ever had.

Fancy trying it? We hire out hammock kits (hammock, tarp and underquilt), and as part of the service we will teach you how to set up and how to lay in a hammock. Add it to your booking enquiry or email us if you’ve already booked. Kits are only £16 per night.

Green Travel

We love green! And brown, but especially green travel.

Here’s Rich and Emma from Kirkstall who received our first Green Travel Incentive Vouchers for travelling by train & bicycle to our campsite.

Check out our Camping page for details.

Winter Camping

We’re open all through winter, why not try out your winter camping gear?

Feel wild and feel safe when camping at Woodsworth Exploring. Rest easy knowing your car parked securely, there’s a shop nearby for emergency supplies and you have the dignity of flushing toilets.

Looking for our sister business?

Woodsworth Managing offers tree surgery, woodland management and ecology services covering the South Pennines and West Yorkshire areas such as Skipton, Keighley, Bradford and Leeds. Check out the website: woodsworthmanaging.co.uk

How big is your tent?

Size matters when we have trees to contend with!

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