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In the heart of the Bronte countryside, this 10 acre broadleaved woodland was planted in the second half of the 19th century by Sir Issac Holden. Being of significance both to the amenity of Oakworth and its value to the local ecology, we are doing everything we can to protect and improve the woodland. We have designed the camping and activities to take place in ways that minimise any potential to cause harm to the ecology within the woodland, whilst enhancing it further with positive actions elsewhere, in line with our woodland management plan.

At Woodsworth Exploring we believe in supporting the local community in ways that make real a difference to individuals, to volunteer groups and to the environment.


Open to the public

Branshaw Plantation is privately owned, with no public rights of way through the woodland. However, since Duncan and Emma took ownership in April 2020, public access to enjoy the woodland has been allowed whenever possible. As we continue to build our new business, there will be certain times when the woodland will be closed to the public so that paying customers can get the most enjoyment from their stay. At times, camping customers may be staying in the woods even while it is open to the public, so please respect their privacy, keep dogs under close control and ensure any dog poo is picked up and taken home with you. We have demonstrated our commitment to you by keeping the woodland open as much as possible, please respect our woodland and our paying customers, without whom, the investment in the woodland’s health can not happen.

Giving back to the community

Here are some examples of the work we’ve done so far to improve the health of the woodland:

  • Rhododendron removal
  • Nursery created
  • Installed bat boxes
  • Footpath improvement
  • Litter picked

Branshaw Plantation Advisory group

We want the woodland to continue to be of benefit to the community, in a more sustainable way.  To help us with this endeavour we have put together a group of community members and topic experts, such as Scout & Guide reps, ecologists and arboriculturists, to give us advice on the woodland and its use.  The group meets approximately every six months.

Thank you to the community

  • Branshaw Plantation Advisory Group members
  • Litter pick (POO “Pickers Of Oakworth”) along the length of Slaymaker Lane
  • Donation of bat boxes from Michael Fowler, made at The Shed, Oakworth
  • Clearing of Rhododendron by 6th Keighley Oakworth Scouts help, using community tools provided by Cllr Luke Maunsell
  • Transplanting plants to the new nursery from the entrance area by lots of volunteers
  • Much spade and barrow work to prepare the ground for the carpark by more volunteers

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