Wildlife Walks – Sunset Bat Walk


Sunset Bat Walk Friday 12th July 7.30pm

Learn more about our British Bat species.  Join us for a walk With Dr Madeline Holloway.

Using echometers and Dr Madeline’s expertise in bat species, identify the different bats around the woodland, studying their soundwaves.


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Sunset Bat Walk Friday 12th July 7.30pm

Wear Weather appropriate clothing and wellies or walking boots are advisable.

Bat Study – Begin the bat study by starting a general discussion about British bats and their behaviour. Just before sunset we’ll start watching out for the first bats to emerge from their day roosts. From then on we’ll catch glimpses of bats flying and will also listen out for a whole variety of bat calls using a variety of ‘bat detectors’. Bats emit a huge diversity of bat echolocation signals through which they search and capture prey and avoid collision with obstacles when flying at night. All the ‘bat detectors’ we’ll be using have been designed to pick up (and record) this diversity of bat echolocation signals, convert them into sounds that humans can hear and identify which bat species has been recorded.