Camper Induction Form

Use of gas stoves

Please ask for help with a stove if needed, and:

  • Use a burning plate under the stove.
  • Do not use under or near canvas.
  • Canisters can explode, keep them at a safe distance from your fire.
  • Keep spark makers (flint, matches, lighters, stove clickers etc) away from fuel when not is use.

Tent Safety with stoves

A few things to note:

  • Pitch away from burning things
  • No fires, stove or BBQs in tents
  • Do not store fuel or lighters in your tent

What we are doing to make the site better and ways to reduce impact on the ecology

  • What is the ecosystem doing now (animals, fungi and plants)
  • Please help protect it by following "Do No Harm and Leave No Trace"
  • Good places to look for ecology
  • It really helps to leave dead wood still
  • There's a Tree Preservation Order.
  • Position and location of tent and using the paths.


  • Site boundaries and hazards explained with map.
  • Location of toilets, public footpaths, and local amenities explained.
  • Wheelbarrows and etiquette.
  • How the bins work.

If things go wrong

You will be provided with a link to the Emergency Action Plan for:

  • Fire
  • Medical Emergency
  • Electrical Storm
  • High Winds
  • Extreme Cold


We hope you have a fantastic experience at Woodsworth Exploring. 

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